Self Directed IRA's
Can be used for Investing in Real Estate Property

Video provided by Midland IRA discussing the Self Directed IRA's and how they can be used to invest in Real Estate to grow your Retirement - Tax Sheltered! Click here for Video 

A self-directed IRA is a unique investment account that allows alternative investments to be held as assets that can potentially build tax-free or tax-deferred wealth at a faster pace than traditional methods may.

Your current financial professional may not be aware of these options as they only offer products that they sell which typically involve stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Self-directed IRAs and other plans allow you to choose alternative investments. When you self-direct, you control your own investment choices and can potentially build wealth in your accounts by investing in what you know best.

You can legally use your self-directed IRA to buy real estate and rental propertiesmortgages and notesprivate stockprecious metalsforeign exchange, and other alternative investments.

The following Plans can be used to make Real Estate Investments:

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