Homestead Exemption is a constitutional benefit that applies a $25,000 exemption deduction to the assessed value of your property. Additionally, you benefit from “Save Our Homes” which limits increases to your assessed value (not your taxes) to the CPI or 3%, whichever is less. It is granted to those applicants who timely file by March 1st, possess title to real property and are bona fide Florida residents living in the dwelling and making it their permanent home on January 1st.

HOW DO I QUALIFY? To qualify for this exemption, you must own and reside on (occupy) the property as of January 1st of the affected tax year. Residency documents (driver’s license, voter ID, etc.,) )must be issued to you no later than April 1. The rental of a dwelling previously claimed to be a homestead may constitute abandonment of said dwelling as homestead , (Florida Statute 1961.061). Contact the appraiser for more information. 
  •  If you drive, you must have a valid Florida driver’s license. [A “valid in Florida only” license is not acceptable.] You must surrender your out-of-state driver’s license. If you do not drive, a Florida identification card will be required. 
  •  Florida vehicle registration (license tag) is required. 
  •  Register to vote in Lee County. If you do not vote, you must complete a Declaration of Domicile. This Domicile is available at the Property Appraiser’s Office. 
  •  Social Security number(s) for owner(s) and/or spouse. 
  •  Date(s) of birth for owner(s) and spouse. 
  •  Proof of permanent residency may be required. If you are not a U.S. Citizen, a permanent resident alien card or proof of asylum is required. 
  •  Proof that you do not receive a residency based exemption /tax credit in another jurisdiction. If you or your spouse own property in another state and receive exemptions/tax credit/rollback, you may need to provide proof that you and your spouse have removed the out-of-state benefit in order to qualify for exemption in Lee County. A husband and wife may claim only one residency based exemption. 

WHEN AND WHERE DO I FILE? To better serve the residents of Lee County, our office now accepts new applications for Homestead Exemption on-line at www.leepa.org, November 1 through March 1 only), by mail or in person. Senior, Veteran, Widow/ Widower or Disability Exemption can be filed in person or by mail only. The application and letter of instruction can be obtained from our web site or at our office. Applications filed after March 1st are considered late filed and may be granted for the following year. If you believe you qualify, do not hesitate to file for the exemption. If you are married and both parities qualify for the Homestead Exemption, it is advised that both the husband and wife apply to protect the Save Our Homes cap status should ownership changes occur in the future. 

Information provided by Lee County Appraisals office. www.leepa.org
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Julia Brown
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